May 01, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday to Toby and Tigger!

Our first visit with Tigger and Toby - they were only a few days old and so precious! = -) A month later they came over for a visit and took a picture with their brother-to-be, Thomas the guinea pig. (we adopted T&T from Kathy's mom when her cat gave birth to them - T&T are brothers and were born on May 1, 2002).
Here they are at 4 months old and so cute.
Angelica and Jennifer loved playing with them and thought they were their babies.
Now they are 6 years old and would never tolerate playing "dress up."
They are very close brothers and still spend lots of time together.
We love you Tigger and Toby and thanks for being our favorite kitties (even when you barf hairballs and get stuck on roofs).