March 07, 2008

Our 1st Place Runner!

Track season began a few weeks ago and Angelica is on the team again. So far the team is doing great - all 4 divisions are 4-0 (no losses).
Warming up with her 4X4 relay team and a picture of runner 3 with Angelica (runner 4 - the anchor).
Getting ready to run the final lap (400 meters - one lap around the track). She was running so fast that I couldn't get a good shot - actually I didn't have the camera on the right setting - not good to experiment with different settings during a race!
There she goes!!! Angelica's relay team came in 1st place! Angelica also came in 1st place when she ran the 800 meter race. Two 1st place finishes in the same day! = - )