February 12, 2008

Spring is in the Air! = - )

After LOTS of rainy, cold weather we are now in the middle of "spring like" sunny days! Matthew is playing basketball with his school team and they had a perfect outside game last weekend.

Matthew played a great game, the team did an awesome job and they won 38-16! = - )

Jennifer and Angelica went to a Jonas Brothers concert and how do you like Jennifer's homemade t-shirt? They are somewhere in that screaming crowd of girls!
Two very happy sisters in their hard won close up seats (they waited outside all day long to win a drawing to be able to buy seats in the first few rows) and a pic of one of the brothers that Jennifer took.
On a sadder note - David's finger was accidentally smashed in a band room door - OUCH! After 5 days it still looks pretty bad and is now slightly crooked - he has a doctor appt. tomorrow to see if it is fractured. UPDATE: it's not fractured, but he is wearing a splint for the next 2 weeks.