February 24, 2008

Roar and Snore!

Matthew and Doug went down to San Diego this weekend for a campout IN the Wild Animal Park with the other cub scout families.
It was a wet weekend, but the boys (and parents and some siblings) had an amazing adventure!

One of the highlights was the lion exhibit.

Doug was able to take some awesome pictures (I can't wait to visit and take pics, too). We paid a few extra dollars over the campout cost and were able to get 3 memberships for the year (for Doug, Kathy and Matthew - our teenagers can go one time with our passes and then that's enough for them).

The cubs were SOOOOOO cute!

Looks like the gorillas called a special meeting to discuss all the rain and cold weather that we've been having lately.

They also spent a lot of time at the elephant exhibit.

Baby elephants are also SOOOOOO cute! = - )

The San Diego Wild Animal Park (WAP) is so amazing.

Like I said, "IT WAS COLD AND WET!" This is a picture of the campground where they camped inside the park (they heard the lions roar all night).
This is the tent where Doug and Matthew slept with the rest of the cub scouts and a final pic of Matthew sleeping on his sleeping pad (kind of). They had a great time at the WAP!