February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

David and friends hosted a special Valentine potluck. Before the party, the planning committee chose a guys name from the guy pile and a girls name from the girl pile and the 2 choices became a couple for the evening. They decorated and then the guests began arriving.
The whole crew before dinner and then the first table of guests (including Matthew who was welcomed with open arms - all the teenagers love him!)
Tables 2 and 3 ready to enjoy their dinner.
A few "couple" pictures - so cute! = - )
Three of the guys ended up wearing the same white shirts and black sweaters. It was SO funny when the final guy walked in - everyone burst out laughing! PS the rest of us Hubbard's enjoyed the potluck, too, but we didn't pose for pictures. Doug and I enjoyed our V-Day dinner and a movie last Saturday, but we didn't take any pictures.