December 28, 2007

Rose Parade Prep

It was way back in January 2007 when we found out the Arcadia band would be in the Rose Parade - we were at the show where the announcement was made - as soon as I saw the red jacket I knew it was about the Rose Parade! = - )
Special pins and patches were created to save for a momento and trade with the other bands in the parade.
The band will play 3 songs along the route - their favorite is "Turn the Beat Around." A self portrait of three Hubbards getting ready to cheer for Arcadia!
The band has been practicing all week - today they marched 3 1/2 miles back and forth along the blocked off streets around the high school. Getting ready for the real 5 1/2 mile trek on Tuesday. = - )
David is in the 4th row in the middle (he's tall and his horn is easy to spot so you MIGHT be able to see him during the parade).
Angelica is on the end of a row at the back of the parade (she will be easier to see because she is on the end of a row - but she's on the side of the street away from the bleacher seats).
Jennifer is 2 rows behind Angelica at the back of the parade block, but she's in the middle of the row and will be pretty hard to spot. Look for her tenor sax 'cause once they are all in uniform they all look alike.