December 21, 2007

Rose Parade 2008 Preparations!

Our 3 teenagers are getting ready to march in the Rose Parade on New Year's Day! This will be the bands 14th appearance and everyone is very excited!
Isn't this picture sweet? Angelica plays the alto sax, David the baritone horn and Jennifer is the tenor saxophone player (I also played the tenor sax in my high school band).
Dean is the drum major this year and he has done an amazing job leading the band.
Today was the last day of school and the beginning of winter break. They received their Rose Parade freebies today along with their info packet. We're planning to frame these posters and they can hang it in their homes and talk about the 2008 Rose Parade with their children and grand children! = - )
Here are pics of their Rose Parade patch and pin. In a few days they will get their Arcadia Band pins for keeping and trading with the other Rose Parade bands. Also, make sure to watch the parade and look for our band - we will be the last band in the parade because we are the local high school band.