November 16, 2007

Look What The Cat Drug In...

OK, so here's the story about "what the cat drug in..." A few weeks ago we innocently came home from school and work, but as soon as the girls entered the house I heard SCREAMING coming from their bedroom! To make a long story short - our cat Tigger left them a present in their room - a very DEAD squirrel (with one missing body part)!
Us girls were FREAKED OUT and the only guy home was Matthew so he happily came to the rescue and took the squirrel out of the house.
Here is a closer look at the gift - if you REALLY want a CLOSE look go ahead and "left click" on the picture and you can see ALL the bloody details. (If you are already grossed out by this post you won't want to do that). By the way, Matthew was THE MAN that day and was completely mystified as to why we were so freaked out. Tigger didn't understand either.