September 07, 2007

Our Move Is Complete

The BIG move occurred on the hottest weekend of the summer and happened in several phases. Phase 1: Starving Students helped us move the big, heavy stuff...
phase 2: the teenage friends came over and helped us with the smaller stuff (really wasn't that small though).
They really made a huge difference - we'd probably still be moving if they didn't help out!
While we were moving, Matthew stayed cool in our pool. The temp on the concrete around the pool was 131 degrees! It was HOT!
Cameron and David tried to stay cool with their make shift sweat collectors (paper towels and packing tape). By the end of the day the sun had finally gone down and we were almost finished moving for the night.
A group picture of our teenage movers and our new home sweet home!
The next day, while we were still knee deep in boxes, we hosted an end of summer party for David and his friends. They swam in our new pool and played Texas Hold 'Em. It was a very LONG weekend of moving and we still haven't unpacked all the boxes, but we're getting there.