August 17, 2007

So, Sabra Can Dance!

Go Sabra! Our favorites were Danny and Sabra and I'm very happy Sabra won - she deserved the title. We went to the performance show just before the finale and it was AWESOME!! That's us on the TV screen - Jennifer's holding the green poster for Danny and I'm behind her to the left. Our friends Bethany (J's right) and Luke (behind J and B) were with us, too.
Here's a better shot of us! Do you like Jennifer's sign? "Danny's on the HOT tamale train." It was a great show and we were very fortunate to be in the audience because it's a difficult ticket to get. All tv show tickets are free, but if the show is popular the tickets are hard to come by. We were able to get 4 priority tickets because Jennifer noticed a spelling error on a tv show ticket website, emailed the website tech guy about the error and he was so thankful that he asked if there was a show she wanted to go to - and that's how we were in the audience! = - )