July 23, 2007

Vacation Update #23 - Home Sweet Home!

David happily went to the midnight book release for Harry Potter and I decided to get a haircut while we were still in Denver.
We began the final part of our journey and drove into the desert.
Our final vacation meal was brunch (the only meal of the day) at Carnival World Buffet in Vegas - it's the best buffet! We even found coupons on ebay.
It was a delicious meal!
Then we joined all the other travelers and headed back to our home in LA.
It was HOT in the desert -108 degrees! When we arrived home we dropped David off so he could be reunited with his friends - they were VERY happy to see each other!!!
The rest of us picked up some boba milk tea for "dinner" and then drove the rest of the way to our home. It's great to be home!
We were greeted by Tigger who had some sort of insect bite/cat fight injury (we're not sure) that was obviously VERY swollen!! Thankfully it POPPED today and he's feeling much better.
All Toby cared about was eating.