July 28, 2006

The last days of vacation and the first days back at home.

We had a great afternoon in St. Louis (just before the major storm struck), but sadly all the pictures are trapped in the digital camera. Hopefully we will be able to retrieve them soon.
Our time in Denver with family was very nice - we celebrated the 50th anniversary one more time, removed a dead peach tree from the backyard, Doug preached in his home church, etc...
This the last part of the dead tree as it was being removed.
During our month long road trip we counted road-kill and our grand total was somewhere around 350! The picture was taken in the Arizona desert and I think it was a small fox.
While we were on our way home we were treated to MANY lightning storms - this was my best picture taken at the Miller farm in New Castle, Colorado.
The day after we arrived back home to HOT Los Angeles the Zambrows family came over for a visit just before they headed back home to Indiana.