June 20, 2006

End-of-school celebrations, etc...

June began with a visit to the circus - here's a picture of Balloon Man.
Later in the week we headed over to Paramount Studios to be a part of the audience for "America's Got Talent!" It's a FUN show and since we dressed up with a patriotic theme we were able to get seats right next to the judges (David, Brandy and Piers). We've gone to 3 tapings of this show so far - the 1st show airs this Wednesday so look for us in the audience! = - )
Angelica and Jennifer celebrated their 8th grade graduation from Middle School at their pirate themed promotion party! Here's a pic with a few of their good friends!
David celebrated the ending of his first year of high school with a trip to Huntington Beach with his friends and family (we came along to give rides and chaperone). It was a fun 1st day of summer vacation! = - )